How to deliver strikes in a Systema martial art

    Systema is a martial art that emphasizes fluidity, adaptability, and efficiency in self-defense situations. When it comes to delivering strikes in Systema, there are several key principles and techniques to keep in mind:

  1. Relaxation: One of the fundamental principles of Systema is relaxation, both physical and mental. Before delivering a strike, it’s important to remain calm and relaxed to avoid tension, which can hinder the strike’s effectiveness and speed.

  2. Breath control: Proper breath control is essential to delivering powerful strikes. In Systema, practitioners learn to synchronize their breathing with their movements to maximize their striking power and to stay relaxed.

  3. Target selection: In Systema, practitioners are trained to be able to strike any part of the body with equal effectiveness. However, certain targets may be more vulnerable or effective than others, depending on the situation.

  4. Use of momentum: Systema emphasizes the use of momentum to deliver strikes. By using the attacker’s momentum against them, practitioners can increase the power and speed of their strikes while minimizing their own effort.

  5. Economy of motion: Systema practitioners seek to use the minimum amount of movement necessary to deliver a strike. This reduces the chance of telegraphing the strike and makes it harder for an opponent to anticipate or counter it.

  6. Use of the whole body: Systema strikes involve the entire body, not just the limbs. Practitioners learn to use their legs, hips, and core muscles to generate power and to transfer that power into their strikes.

  7. Improvisation: Systema encourages improvisation and adaptation in self-defense situations. Practitioners are trained to be able to adjust their strikes and techniques on the fly, depending on the circumstances.

To deliver a strike in Systema, a practitioner might use a variety of techniques, including punches, strikes with the elbows or knees, and open-handed strikes. The specific technique used will depend on the situation and the practitioner’s own preferences and training. Ultimately, the goal of a Systema strike is to neutralize the threat as quickly and efficiently as possible, while minimizing harm to both the attacker and the defender.

Dmitriy Teryokhin : “Strikes – power from within” Systema seminar, Prague 14-15.05.2022 eng

Dmitriy Teryokhin : “Strikes – power from within” Systema seminar, Prague 14-15.05.2022

Systema seminar
Dmitriy Teryokhin : “Strikes – power from within”.
14-15.05.2022 , Prague, Czech Republic SEMINAR TOPIC
– accuracy, speed and distance in hand to hand confrontations
– tactics of controlling tension in yourself and your partner
– movements , light and heavy fists and structure of strikes
– the supremacy of natural body position
– false self confidence and true power from within
– restoring massage by legs INSTRUCTOR Dmitiry Teryokhin SEMINAR LOCATION
Prague, Czech Republic, st. Malého 319/1, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín , TJ Sokol Karlin SCHEDULE
Day 1 – 14.05.2022
Day 2 – 15.05.2022
11.00 -15.00 SEMINAR CHECK-IN
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120 Euro / whole seminar
70 Euro / one day TERMS OF PAYMENT
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Account Holder: Teryokhin Dmitriy
Account number: Fio Bank 2800854855/2010
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We welcome every person – from beginners to advanced – who wants to learn and grow in the martial arts. No prior knowledge is required. Participants: must be at least 18 years of age and in good health. EQUIPMENT
Hall shoes, training knife, stick, training clothes, clothing to keep you warm during the breaks. CONTACT
Systema Prague club
Dmitriy Teryokhin
Tel.:+420 608 544 904 Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for anything that you might need! Thank you!