SYSTEMA – a Martial art that will surprise you

We welcome you on the official website of slavic martial art Systema in the Czech Republic.
Systema is a martial art that emphasizes fluidity, adaptability, and efficiency in self-defense situations.
You will find information about Systema training sessions and educational seminars in the Czech Republic, photos, videos and other useful information.

Do you hesitate to wonder if Systema is right for you? Do you think we won’t teach you anything new? Do you think you’re too old for that?

Nothing prevents you from trying.

  • we have a friendly environment
  • we have many years of experience
  • training is led by certified instructors
  • workouts are affordable
  • we do not teach any techniques or attitudes
  • we will teach you to manage stressful situations
  • support your health and psyche
  • we do not hide anything and give you all the information
  • everything you learn can be used in real life
  • we cooperate with globally recognized experts

Men and women of any age and in any physical condition can practice the System, as it involves working with one’s own abilities and skills.

Systema exercises improve motor skills, concentration and bring about a significant increase in life force.

Regular classes

Are you from Prague? Yes? So you have a huge advantage because you can take regularly classes. Dates for trainings can be found under the tab “Schedule and prices”.

Attend Seminars

Can’t take classes regularly? You are not from Prague?

In this case, you can come to seminars that we organize several times a year.

Usually it is Saturday and practiced for several hours. These seminars are thematically focused. Anyone can attend these seminars.

Just follow the nearest seminars on the home page.

Do not want or cannot take regular classes? Want something specific?

Arrange private lessons.

You will have a personal approach. Time to thoroughly discuss certain topics. Possibility to practice in your home.

 If you don’t have room for exercise, I can rent a gym.

The price of one private lesson is 1500, -CZK for 2 persons max.  / 2 h. + travel expenses or exercise areas.

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