Deep Tissue Stick Massage

Deep tissue stick massage is a unique massage experience.
Using small sticks helps to achieve and release the deepest tension while giving you amazing awareness of your body. Each massage is different because it is always tailored to your personal needs.
During the massage, you can expect your masseur to use a variety of techniques to ensure maximum satisfaction from the massage. Depending on the extent and type of tension in your body, the instructor can use both drumsticks, Cossack whip, shashku, and other equipment.
1) I don’t do a Systema. Can I get a massage?
Of course you can. Massage is recommended by a practicing Systema, but is suitable for everyone. You do not need any previous experience.

2) I have a problem with the back. Can I get a massage?
Yes you can. In addition, massage will help you reduce pain and restore healthy posture.

3) I hear the massage is very painful. I’m a little scared to try.
Do not worry, we will adjust the massage to suit your needs and abilities. As with any deep massage, some pain is inevitable, but we assure you that it is minimized.

4) Is there an age limit?
No, stick massage can be done to everyone, regardless of their age. The technology is adapted to personal requirements.

Nearest date: at request 

Duration – approx. 50 min, price – at request 

Address: at request 

Register for massage  by mail  or by call +420 608 544 904