Close Combat

This style dates back to the ancient system of combat troops and to this day is being used in special forces worldwide. Close Combat in Systema is an effective exercise for all situations. In training you will learn the basic principles of Close Combat without using weapons. We will teach you to fight at different distances with one or more opponents and control the situation in any unarmed attack. The training develops your sensitivity, endurance, strength of punch and the integrity of your body. The main focus of the training is to eliminate unnecessary movements in combat and in a minimum period to neutralize the enemy with the use of proper breathing. Also during the entire training there takes place the workout activity to strengthen the psyche.

Wrestling on the ground

In Systema we work on and examine strategies of fighting on the floor against attack with arms and legs from all angles and positions, defense techniques while sitting and lying on the floor, special moves and disarming the attacker. You will learn how to defend yourself on the ground without a weapon against one or more attackers. You will also learn how to defend and attack when captured by the hands, when someone stifles you, hits and kicks, as well as when using weapons against you. You will learn the principles of breathing exercises necessary for working on the ground. You would also understand how to control your fear and tension to avoid damage and conversely to strengthen your body and psyche. During the training the working process evolves from simple movements and positions to more complex free and dynamic movements.

Breathing and movement for Health

Exercising Systema develops the flexibility and sensitivity of your body, its strength and endurance, and gives a sense of confidence. Russian Systema breathing exercises are included in the basis for any exercise movements. During training, your body gets rid of unnecessary stress, and in the future you will learn methods of self-relaxation of body and mind, various other breathing exercises, stretching and massage. You will get to know your body better and you’d make a better use of it in everyday life.

Working with weapon

In Systema training with weapons we use a knife, a stick, a whip and a gun. You will learn the differences and advantages of various types of weapons and learn how to use other common items for your self-defense. During the training you will find the right trajectory to deflect and disarm the attacker with minimal use of brute force. On our training sessions you will learn how to protect yourself from an armed man, both with and without a weapon and also with a weapon against multiple weapons. Working with weapons would help you not only with the attack and defense, but also serves your health, helping to eliminate muscle stiffness in the body, to overcome the fear of weapons and armed men and strengthen your mental state in unusual situations.

Personal protection and safety

Training of personal protection and safety is taught in the form of special seminars. Contact us to learn more about the timing or terms of a private workshop with our instructor. The main points of the seminar: protecting third parties and common work as a team.

Individual lessons and courses for small groups

We offer personal training systems for individuals and small groups.


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