Many people today want to combine martial arts with health exercises. Nowadays, it is used not only by top athletes, but by all who want to promote their health while learning something beneficial, which is related to the global development and the environment in which we live.

That is why Systema is unique in this respect as well. In particular, the Systema exercise promotes health and focuses on the following:

  • strengthens the body’s systems (skeletal, muscle, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, lymphatic and immune)
  • develops the qualities of the body (speed, strength, durability, flexibility and dexterity)
  • strengthens inner muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • learn to hold the body properly
  • learn to breathe properly to support the psyche and health
  • teaches how to walk properly and not unnecessarily burden the organs
  • it teaches to properly relax the body and remove excess tension
  • teaches to use proper and natural movement
  • we involve massages in the exercises to remove excess tension
  • we stiffen the body so that no bruises occur
  • we do exercises that help calm the psyche, balance blood pressure, prevent disease
  • and more
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