Systema has also another name: “Know yourself”. Training Systema – is a way to fully learn about your own limitations, this is also a way to see what a person really is. With Systema we can create true strength of the spirit.

Regular exercise also leads to an improvement of all bodily functions and increases the abilities of the person on the physical, mental and spiritual level, which significantly improves the quality of life.

A key principle of Systema is to do nothing that destroys. The aim of this principle is that exercise does not cause any damage to the body and mind of the students and their partners. This means that Systema supports and strengthens the body, mental health, family and the country.

Proper training in the Russian Systema carries the same objective – to put every participant into the best possible setting for him to realize as much about himself as he is able to handle at any given moment.

Michail Ryabko, Systema Founder, often says to the beginners: “Be a good person and everything else will come to you”. 

In other words – Systema allows you to choose the right path and follow it from then on.

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