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About us

Hello everyone, we start lessons 01.08.2018.
Start of training 19.00
We are waiting for you !


We welcome you on the official website of slavic ancient martial art Systema RMA in the Czech Republic. You will find information about Systema training sessions and educational seminars in the Czech Republic and other EU countries, videos and other useful information.

Our club "Systema Prague" was founded in 2010. The founder and head instructor of the club is Dmitriy Teryokhin, who is a follower student of Mikhail Ryabko.
During our existence we organized in Prague 9 international seminars, with the participation of the founder of Systema - Mikhail Vasilevich Ryabko, and also Systema masters Vladimir Vasiliev, Daniel Ryabko, Sergey Ozherelev and Alexander Andreychenkov.

In 2013, our school became an official representative of the Russian martial art Systema in the Czech Republic.

On July 11th, 2015 for first time and later on 2017 again, we have welcomed Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev in the Joint Seminar "Legends of Systema in Prague," which took place here in the Czech Republic.

The aim of our school is to further develop Systema in the Czech Republic. We would like to show that Systema is not only a martial art, but a whole complex lifestyle.

We teach people how to use their internal physical and mental potential to become a healthy, happy and confident person.

People who come to us have become part of our friendly and strong team that combines such principles of Systema as directness and absence of negative emotions.

You can join us at each training!

Welcome to our club "Systema Prague RMA"!