What is Systema

Systema is a kind of Slavic martial art that develops the spirit and the body.

Systema is much more than just a set of methods, techniques and principles, or a simple learning of a combat.

Systema brings in itself the idea of all-round development of the personality of the individual not only with the physical side, but also mentally.
Countless special exercises that we use in Systema trainings contribute to the preparation of the human body to different loads and tests that may occur in real life. They develop muscular frame strength, endurance and flexibility in all parts of the body.

The fundamental cornerstone of Systema is working with the breath.

Systema teaches that every movement must be as continuous as breathing. A combination of any action with the correct breathing strengthens movement, improves the sensitivity, helps to find the right direction and fulfills it with inner strength.

This of course requires a lot of patience, and by that we have to prepare our psyche to a more stable work in a modern life. A student who learns Systema is becoming more peaceful, balanced person and is able to respond better in a tense situation.

Systema teaches your body to use natural reflexes and instinctively move in protecting from attack. In order to do this it is necessary to use the power of the attacker and minimal use of an own brute strength. This is why we are learning to breathe properly during the practice exercises, because the harmonious breathing is the foundation of a stable stance, relaxed mental and physical health.

A true warrior martial arts is composed of three elements – a healthy body, strong spirit and a fighting skills.
This is why Systema teaches to keep the human body without stress, be flexible and durable, able to respond strongly but without undue effort.

At the same time you’d learn to react to the slightest changes within yourselves, and also in people with whom you would interact.

The Spirit and mental state of a person should be free of fear and anger. Calm state without anger, self-pity and excessive pride will help you to overcome any mistakes in the fight.

Systema includes in itself all the fighting techniques such as punches, kicks, work with weapons (knife, stick, whip, gun), ground fighting and defense against one or more opponents.

Systema is a martial art in which the basic principles are breathing, relaxation, natural movement and body position. These principles enable man to react in every situation clearly and strongly. This is achieved gradually and without hurry. By just learning training techniques you can spend years, but the result would not be such what you wanted. In a real situation the techniques are not working.

Our goal is to learn how to influence the aggressor with the minimal force, without much muscular effort. With using punches or levers so that the striker could not finish or renew the attack. In Systema we learn the principles of how to work with the human body, not just technology, working with tension and relaxation of the muscles of a human.

Systema - is a form of self-defense, which does not require any special conditions or previous experience in the martial arts. Men and women of any age and any physical condition can practice Systema because they work with their own abilities and skills of the individual. Systema exercise improves motoric skills, concentration and brings significant increase in vigor.

Systema has a comprehensive health methodology. On our trainings you’d begin to understand how your body works. You’d find out where you are tensed, how you can free and relax these parts of your body that are causing chronic muscle stiffness and other diseases. It's not just about muscles, but almost always about the human psyche. If we learn to relax the body, we learn to relax the mind.